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Set up in 1988, the Monterano Nature Reserve protects one of the most representative and unspoilt areas of the "Tuscia Romana" between the Tolfa and Sabatini mountains (covered by another protected area).
After its borders were extended in 1993, the Reserve (today visited by thousands of people from all over Italy and Europe, attracted by its natural scenic beauty and the ruins of old Monterano, location for dozens of films) now covers just over 10.8 km² (4 sq miles) with a great variety of habitats and an abundant biodiversity.
Wooded hills, volcanic gorges with typical vegetation and rare ferns, meadows and pastures with their typical plants and animals, crossed by a river, the Mignone, designated as one of the Sites of Community Importance representing the natural heritage of the entire European Union as part of the Nature 2000 Network.

The "dead" city of Monterano with its stately mansion, aqueduct soaring on audacious arches, splendid lion fountain by Bernini, San Bonaventura monastery and other more humble dwellings often built on earlier Etruscan remains is not just of great historical and archaeological interest, but also highly evocative. Thanks to the Reserve, this extraordinarily rich cultural heritage is currently undergoing conservative restoration to combat the inexorable degradation of time.

A visit to the Monterano Nature Reserve is a journey back in time… the time of man and more than 3,000 years of his history, but also a much older time, the time of nature which has shaped this extraordinary landscape. A visit not to be rushed, but savoured slowly and calmly, pausing not just to admire the spectacular scenery, but also the small details… a dragonfly darting over the water, a gurgling pool of milky sulphurous water hidden in the vegetation, the furtive movements of a woodpecker or, especially if you look up at the sky after the wind has got up, the sweeping flight of majestic birds of prey.
And take time to chat to some of the elderly inhabitants of Canale Monterano who will be delighted to talk of the past of this land they feel so much part of.

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